Hoks naturcamping

Hoks naturcampingSmall, quiet family camping 3 miles south of Jönköping. Choose your own place. Holiday rentals all year round. A meeting room is available for rent.
Small playground with, among other things, pedal cars. Nice hiking trails in the adjacent forest. Close to Hooks Golf Course. Close to sights.


2 km outside Hoks community, 3 km south of Jönköping is Hoks Naturcamping. A small, quiet family campsite. The campsite is beautifully situated with forest and fields, as the nearest neighbor. At a river about 300 meters from the campsite is a swimming area. There are also several bathing spots in the immediate area.


Here you can hike in nature, fish, hang out with relatives and friends or play golf. We are located next to Hooks golf course. The children have a nice little playground with, among other things, pedal cars and a real boat to play in. We are also close to many attractions including Gränna and High Chaparall.


We have 35 camping plots, most with electricity. Some are secluded inside the forest. You can always choose your own place. We have 10 cottages for rent. All cottages have a shower and toilet. There is also a meeting room for 30 people for rent.


Österskog Hill 1
567 93 HOK

Tel + 46 (0) 70-236 10 10

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2 km outside Hoks society

opening time:

Cottages all year round. Caravans 1 / 4-1 / 11


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