Located in a wonderful setting in the mountain pasture Olsnäs at Siljan. Rooms and cottages are available for rent, all or part of the estate may also be hired. There is also space for tents and caravans. Worship is celebrated regularly during the summer. Olsnäsgården is close to both pasture, forest and water. There are several trails starting from the farm and it is only 50 m down to the steamboat dock and swimming area. The farm is 5 km from Siljansnäs, 18 km from Leksand.


Olsnäsgården a barracks building with 17 room (1-3 beds). Most rooms are located upstairs and is suitable for camping activities. Toilet and shower are in the corridor. Downstairs in the barracks building is 2 halls. In one room there is a TV and sofas, the other is suitable as a conference hall. The hall has a kitchenette with opportunities for camping / hostel guests to prepare their own meals.

There are also cottages with 5 4 beds each. The cabins are equipped with a refrigerator, toilet and shower. The cottages have the opportunity for simple cooking.

Church on the farm receives 120 pers. Sound system, audio loops, data projector and screen available.

The dining room receives about 80 persons, adjacent to the dining room is a well equipped kitchen that meets the requirements of the environmental and health setting. Adjacent to the dining room and kitchen is a kiosk that summer is staffed. The kiosk also serves as a reception. For our caravan site guests are connecting to electricity and simple latrine. The farm also has a forge with barbecue.


There are two halls in addition to the church hall; Pillar Hall that takes up to 40 people and recreation room that accommodates 20 people. The rec room has a fireplace and also access to the TV with DVD and video.


Midsommar is usually a highlight of Olsnäs farm. Then there is a majesty tour with dance, dining, concert, worship and midnight fair. During the summer, worship service is celebrated every Sunday where various laymen are responsible for singing, music and gospel. All worship services are public. Welcome! In connection with worship, it is too bad church fika. During the summer, music cafés, movie nights, concerts, etc. can also be offered. Everything is happening at Olsnäsgården is in the summer program is available at the reception and on the website www.olsnasgarden.com

Olsnäsgården are close to both forest and water, the swimming area is only 50 meters away. Boats and canoes fine for rent for an experience out on the lake Siljan.

From Olsnäsgården based on several hiking trails; walk, nature trail, meditation trails and a pilgrimage to Mali Bambo where it is said that the monks have gone long ago. All of these hiking trails are of varying severity.

During the summer, organized in cooperation with Siljansnäs löparklubb a terränglöpartävling. There are 2 pieces beach volleyball courts and even organized a beach volleyball tournament in summer, which is usually well attended. If someone is hungry for the sauna can book our sauna at the reception.


Perandersgattu 23
793 97 Siljansnäs

Tel + 46 (0) 247 226 13

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from Leksand, Year by Siljansnäs, turn right, gravel 5km against Olsnäs.

from MoraBefore Siljansnäs turn left gruväg 5 km Olsnäs.

Opening hours

Open all summer. Spring and fall upon request. Vasaloppet open.

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