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Christian farms and hotels in Sweden

Camps, Courses, Campsites

KGH is a cooperative body with the task of working for hotels - campsites - boarding houses - summer - courses - and camps that are run under Christian auspices and have a restrictive attitude to alcohol.
Among our roughly 70 member facilities, you can find everything from nice, well-equipped campsites in scenic locations to large and small campsites from Lapland to Scania! Some of our campsites and hotels have room for several hundred guests,
while other campgrounds are just the right size for the small group.
Search for your destination here, as an individual traveler or group and contact one of our facilities to book a visit. Welcome!
The list below shows only the counties where we have a facility.

Skeppetuna vicarage

  • Room: 08
  • Beds: 032


  • Room: 14
  • Beds: 110

The village church Logi

  • Room: 07
  • Beds: 045

Four sisters Häggblomman

  • Room: 02
  • Beds: 010

House Hotel Hunge

  • Room: 08
  • Beds: 023


  • Room: 16
  • Beds: 037

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