LadtjärnstorpLadtjärnstorp is beautifully situated at the lake Ladtjärn and is a scout farm is well suited for all kinds of outdoor camps. The farm has the capacity to receive up to 1500 participants and is well equipped for a successful camp. For a smaller camp, parts of the plant to be booked.


Ladtjärnstorps located by Lake Ladtjärn, in the forest one kilometer from E4-ball and three km from Vägsjöfors.
The complex has swimming area and the opportunity for canoeing. The facility is equipped with the finished building materials for the construction of scoutkök, kylgropar for food storage, service buildings with different features and a couple of houses with few beds. In the area there are several campfire sites and a beautiful open-air church.


Vägsjöfors Manor
685 94 Torsby

Tel + 46 560 313 30

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Located after E45: an approximately 25 km north of Torsby

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Open all year around

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