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Långserums recreationLocated about 4 mil south of Jönköping on the road between Svenarum and Malmbäck. Långserums recreational facility is a nice camp which is beautifully located at Långserum lake in the middle of the highlands of Småland.
In the main building there are large kitchen with dining room, meeting room and dining room. The farm offers 75 beds in the accommodation or quadruple room. Meeting rooms are available for up to 200 people.
Outside there is swimming, large lawns, football and volleyball court as well as a camp site.


The main building's ground floor houses the camp kitchen with restaurant stove, regular stove, two convection ovens, cooker hobs, microwave, cold storage and vegetable peeler and cooking equipment and crockery for about 100 people. There is also a separate scullery with pre-wash, dishwasher runs and drying bench. A separate toilet is adjacent to the kitchen. Furthermore, there is an assembly hall for about 70 people, a dining room for about 70 people and a dining room for serving outdoor as well as indoor camps. Wireless internet is also available in the area.

The assembly hall and dining room, through the folding doors are merged, but the assembly halls, however, is primarily intended for smaller collections, so a collection of tents should be on the camp area at the main camp. On the lower level there is also a large cloakroom and a toilet. The main building's main floor is handicap accessible.
Logement building OAS holds 8 4 rooms with beds in each and 3 piece toilets with shower. OASIS is handicapped accessible. The toilet building is a women's and a men's department with 4 pieces toilets (one handicap accessible) and a shower in each department. Toilet The building also houses a drying room and a laundry room. Tenants on Långserums recreational facility cleans the yard after their stay.


567 93 Hok

Tel + 46 (0) 70 561 55 39

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Långserums recreational facility located on the road between Svenarum and Malmbäck.
To get to the farm, take road 30 Vrigstad Jönköping and remove the Svenarum against Långserum. From Svenarum is about 6 km

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