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Luthagårdskyrkan Luthagård is located in Dals Ed, in the heart of Dalsland. The farm consists of a main building with dining room, kitchen and lounge on the ground floor. Upstairs there are rooms with a total of 7-8 beds. A small kitchen is also available here.
The hostel has 9 rooms with a total of 32 beds, but where you can expand the number of beds if necessary.
A small village with up to four beds.
In Gårdskyrkan, with its amazing altarpiece in addition to the lake, one can celebrate the service of God, fair, devotional, concert etc.


Luthagård is located at Lilla Le in the area Äng i Dals Ed. The farm has its own bathing area with jetty and oak by the lake.
It is only 15 minutes walking distance from Ed's city center.


A walk around Lilla Le is a nice nature experience. In Ed there is a moose park. The proximity to Dalsland's canal with its various opportunities for kayaking or canal boat trips is something that attracts tourists.


Forest road 24
668 XN

Farm manager:
Monica Johansson
Tel + 46 (0) 724 01 58 17

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Instagram: luthagard_efs



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