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Christian Farms and Hotels (Kgh) is a nonprofit organization of farms and hotels in Sweden working on the basis of Christian values. Fn is the 70's member facilities in KGH. Plants that work on the basis of these values, a restrektiv attitude to alcohol and are willing to accept the rules of the association are welcome as members. The work is led by a board consisting of seven people, mostly managers at member facilities.
KGH is an independent part of the European Christian Hotels International, among others with facilities in large parts of Europe.
As a member facility, you receive:
1. A place on our website and in the international side
2. Participate in our very popular Autumn course of two days. The course is specifically tailored to the needs you can have on a Christian facility.
3. Take note of the favorable contract by the association with various suppliers
4. Take advantage of the extensive advertising kgh performs in newspapers and on the Internet.
5. Get advice and the opportunity to ask questions to other member facilities through our mailing list.
6. Get the opportunity to participate in Kgh - wizard, a folder drawn up every three years and 20.000 as distributed to different recipients in Sweden.
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