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AccommodationMullsjö Folk High School's Course & Conference offers a welcoming environment for many different types of courses and conferences. Folkhögskolan is located with the first parquet facing the lake. In the surroundings there are nice hiking canoes and bike paths. You have the opportunity to enjoy Mullsjö's fantastic outdoor kingdom in a natural environment. The conference facility offers excellent facilities, food and accommodation. Maybe you are on a temporary visit to Mullsjö? When we have available capacity, you can book our Hostel.
Welcome to see our beautiful environment and experience the pleasant atmosphere at Mullsjö Folk High School!


Mullsjö is located between Jönköping and Falköping with about 3 miles to both cities. Jönköping Airport is the 20 minute drive. Getting to Mullsjö is easy. If you drive a car, we offer free parking. A bus stop is at the Folkhögskolan. The train arrives and departs almost once an hour and from the train station it is the 20 minute's beautiful walkway along the lake. Mullsjö Folk High School has a beautiful view of the lake and is a scenic meeting, plant and resting place.

The facility:

Mullsjö folkhögskola has conference rooms that are suitable for small and large groups. The largest gathering room accommodates 220 people and is equipped with data projector, whiteboard, audio system, earphone and internet connection. Skoghöjden is our conference residence with 48 beds in 24 rooms. Shower and toilet in the rooms. In connection with each floor there is access to kitchen. In summer, the number of rooms increases to 110, when the internship of the Folk High School is available. On the premises, four rooms share the toilet and shower.


In Mullsjö you will find nice sport fishing lakes, hiking, canoeing and cycling trails. Visit the Old Forest at Ryfors and marvel like John Bauer over the magical environments. There is also the opportunity to ride on island horses or why not visit the Mullsjö Alpine slalom in wintertime. Mullsjö offers many different experiences. See


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