MunkaskogMunkaskogsgården is a camp site located in Habo municipality, 15 km north of Jönköping by Lake Vättern. The farm has 64 beds, 60 of them in four-bed rooms with bunk beds. The kitchen is equipped with i.a. dishwasher, fridge and freezer, convection oven, frying table, microwave and coffee maker, etc. The dining room with fireplace can accommodate 80 guests. The large assembly hall with fantastic views can accommodate about 200 people in cinema seating, or 90 people at table seating.
The farm is open all year round for bookings.


The kitchen is well equipped with, among others Dishwasher, refrigerator and freezer, convection oven, frying pans and microwave. The fine dining room with fireplace holds 80 guests. The farm's main hall holds about 200 people and has a great view. Sound system, overhead projector and screen are included in the equipment. The farm is rented for self-catering, alternatively, from a nearby restaurant. The farm has beds 64, 60 of them in four-bedded rooms.


Munkaskog 6
566 35 Habo

Tel + 46 (0) 736 - 17 11 94 

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Road 195 from Jönköping, Habo pass the roundabout at the southern entrance, the first exit to the right approximately 1000 m follow the signs Munkaskog. At the road's end is Munka Skogsgården.

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Full year

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