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Solviken FristadWelcome to our Pearl. The farm is beautifully situated by Lake Ärtingen 5 km from Fristad with swimming area, piers, boat, canoes, lawns, swings and other play equipment, barbecue area and walking paths. In spring and autumn, the whole farm can be booked by individuals or groups. During the summer holidays, it is open every day to the public with swimming and overnight stays, café at 11-18 and evening open on Wednesdays. There are 20 beds in small rooms and service building with kitchenette, shower, toilet etc. Worship services, heart rate gym, music program and other activities are available that you can participate in. To find out more go to our website


Equmeniakyrkan Fristad
Stora Vägen 44
513 33 Freeze

Tel + 46 (0) 33-26 01 29
Tel + 46 (0) 70-958 14 70

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From Fristad road 42 towards Trollhättan. After 4 km sign towards Solviken

Opening hours

Spring and autumn for booking. Summer holidays open to the public.

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