Vikarbygården is located with a view of Lake Siljan in the heart of Dalarna. The farm runs camping and rental of rooms. There is a simpler serving with coffee, ice cream, coffee bread, waffles and you can eat breakfast buffet. The farm is open during the summer season and can also be booked for groups. Every Thursday there is a program in the chapel and a service every Sunday. It is walking distance to the swimming area, grocery store and eatery. The farm is located 7 km north of Rättvik and 3 km south of Mora.


Located with a view of Lake Siljan, about one km to the water and beach.


In the yard there is the opportunity for pilgrimages, program evenings with i.a. music on Thursdays and worship every Sunday. In the surroundings there are Living shacks, markets, homesteads, Dala horses, ceramics, Dalhalla, Classic Car Week, Zorn Museum, Tomteland, Leksand's summer country and much more.



Öjavägen 5
795 95 Vikarbyn 

Tel + 46 (0) 248 202 00 

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From Rättvik: go 7 km north towards Mora, Turn right at the exit for the pizzeria.  

From Mora. Go 3 miles south towards Rättvik. After Ickholmen, turn left towards Vikarbyn.

Opening hours

Group bookings can be made during mid-May to midsummer. And from week 33- end of September.

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