If the hosting and hospitality

It is a universal fact that we are all guests on earth.
We are also guests in a more literal sense, guests in each other's lives and at each other's table.

We within Christian Farms and Hotels want to convey hospitality and good hospitality to our guests. There is a great breadth among our member facilities, we offer everything from camps, campsites, hostels and retreats to more traditional course farms and hotels. Now that the offer is so varied and broad, what is it that characterizes us? What can you expect when you choose to be a guest at one of our facilities?

Common to all our facilities is a desire to mean something special to our guests. We have chosen to summarize the vision as follows: We shall be a warm and open guesthouse by the road where people travel." This is in line with what Paul - an itinerant missionary and guest expresses: "Be careful of hospitality." 

Nowadays, the hosting role is often perceived as streamlined and professional – or so mundane and informal that it is almost absent. From time to time it happens that someone tells us that a visit to us is different. They talk about a special atmosphere, a mood, a calm and peace that makes them feel more at home with us, even if they are away.

- It is nice to be hosted.

If our guests feel warm home feeling and a heart behind our products and services, then we are happy.

- Then it's also good to be a guest.

Christian farms and hotels -KGH

KGH is a joint committee to promote hotels - campsites - Pensions - Summer - Course - and camp farms operated under Christian leadership and having a restrictive attitude to alcohol.

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If the hosting and hospitality

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