Falketorp mission farm

Falketorp Missionsgård, 61027 Vikbolandet

Falk Torp Mission Farm is a Christian camp quietly situated in the countryside 35 km east of Norrköping. Suitable for smaller groups, serving local people 80, 40 beds. Only self-catering. Well-equipped. Beautiful nature, forestry and farming countryside.


The farm is quietly located in a small village on the Vikbolandet peninsula. Beautiful nature, forest and agricultural countryside. 35 km east of Norrköping.


40 beds in 7 fresh multi-bed rooms. Suitable for smaller groups, dining room 80 people, group room. Self catering only. Well equipped kitchen. Possibility of camping.


On the plot there is a sandbox, swings, volleyball net, barbecue barrel, etc. Beautiful nature with nice forest walks. Sänkdalen farm with mini tractor land and ice cream factory 3 km. Hult Ekoodling with sale of the farm's products 3 km. About 5 km to the sea. 20 km to Arkösund with three nice sea baths and the possibility of archipelago tours. Kolmårdens zoo 25 km. Söderköping, medieval town with famous ice cream restaurant 30 km. Norrköping with many attractions (e.g. Industrial landscape) 35 km. Stockholm 160 km.

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  • Total number of beds 040
  • Dormitory 7
  • Total number of rooms and cabins 7
  • Airport (km) 32
  • Train (km) 35


  • Address Falketorp Missionsgård, 61027 Vikbolandet
  • County Östergötland county
  • Phone +46(0)739789372, +46(0)701515051
  • E-mail uthyrning@falketorp.se
  • Website http://www.falketorp.se/
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Falketorp mission farm

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