Camp Bear Farm

Lägergården Björnen, Byvägen 10, 84091 Vemhån

Camp bear farm located in Vemhån. From norbornene takes ca15 my Björn Reich ski slopes and 25 minutes to Vemdalskalet (bus / drive). The farm is an old elementary school that is converted to collective dormitories in comfortable bunk beds. Access to the communal dining room, assembly hall, table tennis, sauna and shower. You cook your food yourself in a well-stocked kitchen. Cleaning before and after your stay you manage yourself, hence the low price. In summer you can enjoy day trips to slightly past the mountains, canoeing, fishing, etc.


The bear is just 15-25 minutes drive to the ski slopes in Vemdalsskalet or Bjorn Empire. Summertime close to canoeing, fishing, hiking, etc.


Are common dormitories with a total 62 beds, two large dorms and five smaller rooms.
Sängarna built as bunk beds in angles and with a certain confidentiality between. Open but still a bit secluded. The beds are supplied with a 11-13cm thick and 80 cm wide mattress laid on a particle board. For sängutrustnigen include pillows and blankets, sheets must be taken with himself.


Assembly hall with a few tables, white cloth, TV but lacking real breakout rooms. Suitable confirmation groups, school camp, but not larger conferences.


200 m to the lake, light trails in the village, homespun stamp. Icelandic horses / riding and scoteruthyrning in the village. Fishing surroundings (short). Family friendly mountain hiking in within a couple of km apart. Canoe rental in Vålkojan towards Vemdalen Veman the river that runs through Vemhån towards Ljusnan. Please see also and

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  • Total number of beds 064
  • Conference room max people 20
  • Double room 1
  • Dormitory 6
  • Total number of rooms and cabins 7
  • Airport (km) 45
  • Train (km) 110


  • Address Lägergården Björnen, Byvägen 10, 84091 Vemhån
  • County Jämtland County
  • Phone +46 (0)768 219124
  • E-mail
  • Website

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Camp Bear Farm

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